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Sharing An Illness

--by wotserface, posted Apr 5, 2008
I wanted to share with you a poem my husband wrote for me about living with IIH from his perspective. I must admit it moved me to tears.

How I cope with "our" illness,
I really just can't say.
Don't make too many plans,
Try and live just day by day.

Some days there'll be ups,
And some days there'll be downs.
Some days there'll be hospitals,
Drips,tubes and gowns.

I've always been quite mellow,
A chilled out kind of guy.
But it broke my heart in two,
When I thought that she might die.

There's one thing I am sure of,
It's "our" illness not our life.
The other thing I am sure of,
Is Heidi, my friend,my lover,my wife.

It's not like we've got cancer,
And pretty soon we'll die.
Just keep getting up each morning,
Never give up and always try.
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Readers Comments

ilovechese wrote: That was beautiful iloved it
liztree wrote: It is so wonderful to witness true love. Thanks for sharing.
spring wrote: Very careing poem. It makes me appreciate your loveing, careing, hopeful outlook.
I hope there are lots more up times.
In love & best health wishes-
oopsadazy2 wrote: You've one very special husband! Prayers going up for you both :-)
Mireya wrote: thank you for sharing this. You have made many of us shed a tear. How he loved you. what a treasure!
eowynts wrote: Beautiful.
And educational... I admit this made me do some searching about IIH.
Thank your husband for his reminder that we're not alone in our illnesses.
God bless you.
tressyanne wrote: What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hugs and smiles to your husband! :)
AURELIA wrote: I'm glad you have each other. Illness is never easy, but having a loved one to lean on is really so comforting. :) Your husband wrote from his heart and it is very touching. ~Aurelia
whatthe wrote: From one IIH person to another!

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