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The Helpothers Comment That Created a Life Long Memory

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Apr 5, 2008

I know I have said this before, but please don't ever think your comments or stories don't matter. You never know when your words may make a huge difference to someone else. If you follow the kindness ripple from one comment, you will see what I mean...

It started with a comment from someone on one of my stories. Her words were simple, "It reminds me of the song Cinderella by Stephen Curtis Chapman." One of her favorites but one I have never heard. I thought I would give it a listen. Sounded good. Thanks to the internet, I not only found the CD but it turns out there is a small storybook that goes with it to tell the story in the song. I ordered it and let her know that I did. She was very excited for me and that I would get to share this with my 4 year old daughter. I've been tracking it like a kid waiting for Santa, anxiously awaiting its arrival. Finally, last night, it arrived.

I left work early knowing it was delivered today. After picking the kids up, we went home to get our "surprise". We sat on my daughter's bed, listened to the song, read the book and shared some priceless father/daughter memories. It is something I think we will both always remember.

You see, I may have never known about such a beautiful song if someone had not taken a moment to comment on my story. She couldn't possibly have imagined that her comment would give both my little princess and her daddy some wonderful memories that we will cherish forever. Not only that, but she loves music and as she learns the words I think this will be more special for her every day. Who knows, maybe she will play it for us at her wedding one day. I've heard that can happen! ;-)

My daughter's favorite movie is Cinderella, she was Cinderella for Halloween this past year, my nickname for her has always been "Princess" and now we both have a song called Cinderella that will forever have a very special meaning to us both. I learned of it from someone a thousand miles away whose helpothers name is also the name of the Indian princess in Peter Pan. I could give you 50 more examples of something one of YOU have said or done that has touched my life. This one is my favorite and I'm happy to share it with you all, as you've done so much for me. Please don't ever underestimate the impact you could unknowingly have on someone from just a few kind words. Remember, the ripple caused by any kind act gains speed as it spreads.

So from the bottom of both of our overflowing hearts, thank you Tigerlily for taking the time to share a thought on my story. You not only caused a wave of kindness that has splashed so many already, but gave a daddy and his little girl a precious fairytale that we will enjoy more each day for the rest of our lives...


Rachel and her Dad

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sabrina wrote: I felt happy when a comment on my story made someone feel better.Your story is just encouraging, i feel silly to post a story at times but try to go ahead.God bless u n Rachel.Keep smiling!
PayingForward wrote: This is so neat. Just goes to show that you never know how what an impact a kindness can have. I have never heard the song "Cinderella", but what perfect timing for you as your little Rachel is in the Cinderella/fairy tale time of life. This memory shared between you and your little sweetheart is one she will carry with her forever. God bless you for being such a special dad. :)
lmil1954 wrote: This is so wonderful, Im happy for you daddy, for Rachel to hve such a loving daddy and for everyone here at helpothers...Ive been away a few days and man, the void is unbelievable, now time to catch up...then go to work...Love ya! Linda:)
AURELIA wrote: Wow, I love this story! and I love that song! Did you know he adopted two girls and wrote the song for them? Thanks for being a 'daddy' the saying goes...any man can be a father, but it takes someone very special to be a daddy. You're Awesome. ~Aurelia
cabbage wrote: Oh wow....that is soooo beautiful.
Thank you for sharing! I'm so glad for you and your daughter. :-)
merv wrote: Awwwww Good! Those moments are, well, priceless seems cheap. Thanks for sharing this, and you're right, even the silliest comment is very important.

HUGS for you both
wayfarer wrote: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! As a daddy of girls myself - I love that!
lovebug wrote: Thanks for the encouragement, I some times hesitate in posting a story, it all seems sort of dull and boring, but I do like to encourage others so I make comments to their stories, it is indeed a honor to belong to this group
JuneBug wrote: Makesomeonesmile, your post made me cry! Cherish the moments, my friend, because you can't go back.....:}
Tigerlily wrote: Dear Makesomeonesmile. You are so very welcome. You surely know "something the Prince never knew." Many blessings to you and sweet beautiful Princess Rachel. And blessings to all our helpothers friends who have made life so special.

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