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Just With A Hug

--by shortwalker, posted Apr 5, 2008
There is a young girl that works in my office who has had a lot of tragedy in her life lately.  While I have a hard time relating to her life style, it hasn't been hard for me to detect her sadness lately.  Today, I offered her a hug and she accepted with open arms...I think I needed it to, because we stood there and embraced for a while.  She cried and I's amazing how much tears can release from ones body and how much another can learn from those tears.  She thanked me and walked away.  About an 1/2 hour later, she stood up from her desk and looked at me and asked for another hug, and I most definitely was happy to provide it.    Don't ever underestimate the effects that a hug or smile can have on another person.

I will hold her deep in thoughts tonight, hoping that some of her pain was released by my hug.  I hope bright wishes for her and can only hope that she will someday realize that everything happens for a reason, out of our control.  I have always stood by a saying my 87 year old mother always told me -- God never give you more than you can handle.   That saying has helped me through many tragedies in my life -- as I shared it with her today -- I hope that it will help her too.
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Jen wrote: Hugs are so important. I'm a bodyworker and spiritual counselor and about 80% of my clients ask if they can hug before they leave. It's a gift for everyone.
oopsadazy2 wrote: Oh I know only too well the healing power of a hug. Going through cancer with my hubby, when one of those nurses offers us a hug, it's like a ray of sunshine!! You're a kind soul for offering her hugs :-)
cabbage wrote: I agree with your Momma--God never gives us more than we can handle.....
and I would like to share a quote that my best friend embroidered for me over 20 years ago on a t-shirt: "Hugs are the perfect gift. One size fits all"!
Hugs are universal and it's always the right time for a hug, in my book!
Bless you for being there.
laughalot wrote: You never know when someone might have needed that hug. It might be the one thing that keeps them from giving up on life.
ieiblue wrote: been a hugging person myself... and it really comforts....bless you... :P
Priya wrote: Hug is an amazing way to bring happiness to anyones life
DJ wrote: Wow! This sounds so much like what is going on with someone I work with right now. Even as helpless as I feel that I can't exactly help her with what she's going through, I take the time to just sit there and listen to her cry and pour her heart and worries out to me. Even if I say nothing, I feel just listening has comforted her somehow. I truly pray things will turn up for her during these difficult times :( Thank you for posting your story.
jaydeebug wrote: The best thing about hugs is they are silent, you have the human contact you need so badly, the advise can come later. Your story brought tears to my eyes, I want to sit in a desk next to you! Hugs to you......
JuneBug wrote: Yes, I agree with your momma..Plus if God brings youto it, He'll get youthrough it! What a nice thing to give hugs of assurance!!!! :}
lovebug wrote: I do not know about your co-worker but it did help me. God Bless

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