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Smile Bags :)

--by mindyjourney, posted Jun 15, 2015
I made some SMILE bags to have on-hand. Each one has an origami peace dove, a SMILE card and either a restaurant gift card, woven bracelet, some cash or a kindness/blessing token.

Blessings of sharing the SMILES, my kind friends! :)

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wander_ic wrote: Wow! Can you share a picture of the details? Thanks!
kjoyw wrote: Who would not love finding one of these??!! What an amazing giver of gifts you are! kjoyw
leoladyc728 wrote: Creative!
melnotes wrote: You are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! Such an inspiration to us all xx
Pukeko wrote: Wow, those are super cool.
terre wrote: Very nice!
kiwicat wrote: Oooh! What a great idea!
NoOnesNME wrote: awesome! would love finding one of these!
brindlegirl wrote: Yay. I get all happy thinking of the excitement and love your about to gift others ♡
mummymunt wrote: What an amazing idea!

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