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You made my day

--by femida11, posted Jun 19, 2015
I have studied philanthropy and its effects on the wellbeing of the giver. Yet even though I know the 'science' of why and how it works, each time I get the giver's high.

Recently , I wanted to do a small act of kindness ... and I noticed a woman in line across form me at the McDonalds counter buying lunch. As she was wearing a US mail service uniform, I told her I appreciated the mail service in my area and would like to pay for her lunch she had just ordered.

I went ahead and did . She was beaming and left with her lunch thanking me and said I had "made her day". In reality, I was left feeling it was she who 'had made my day!!!"
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kiwicat wrote: I'm the same. I feel so much better giving than receiving!
Rosenylund wrote: Thankyou for your kindness xx
mel37865 wrote: How sweet of you!
mummymunt wrote: I get huge highs when I do things like that, too. Kindness can be addictive, me thinks :)
alisamom wrote: RAKs are surely a great mood-booster for everyone involved! :)
mindyjourney wrote: Well done, my friend ;)). We receive so much more than we ever give :))
terre wrote: Beaming...

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