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--by eckyssister, posted Jun 15, 2015
I want share a act of kindness bestowed upon me ....

A close friend of mine recently passed away and his memorial service was held at his home. When it came time to leave I felt distressed that I would be leaving his home and that connection to him for the last time.

Feeling myself getting emotional and upset, I put my sunglasses on as I said good bye. A friend pulled me into a hug, and sensing how upset I was would not let me go until feeling my breathing relax. Four times I attempted to end the hug, at which point she just squeezed me a little tighter and said "not yet". She calmed me down without saying anything.

Usually when some one in my world passes I am filled with intense gratitude and feel blessed that I had the opportunity to have them in my world. And while I do feel incredibly blessed that Matty was in my world for 18 years, I am also feeling a deep sense of loss as well as sadness and anger at the amount of suffering he endured in his life time.

And I know beneath all this emotion is another gift from my friend, a gift of understanding and connection to the world and suffering that we all endure.

" In joy and sorrow all are equal, Thus be guardian of all, as of yourself." - Shantideva
Thank you all for cultivating loving-kindness. Peace.
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seamar67 wrote: Peace be with you.
mindyjourney wrote: Blessings of a peace infused ((hug)), dear friend.
kjoyw wrote: I am so very sorry that you have lost such a dear friend. I know that each time a loved one (family or friend) makes the transition to the next life the experience is always a little bit different. We can experience the loss in different ways, each time, but it's still a loss. And that's just tough, no way around it. It does sound like he left you with many gifts, even beyond his friendship, that will stay with you for a very long time, if not for the rest of your life here. And it's been my experience that the connection always is with you and it's a treasure to still have that. All of the goodness he has left you was an act of great kindness, one that you will always hold in your heart. Blessings, kjoyw
kmays wrote: how fortunate to have friends who make you feel so deeply. May your memories of Matty fill your heart with love and connection.
dn3180 wrote: sm200 thxs for every thing girl I love every body on kindsprings you all very kind
melnotes wrote: Love and light xxx

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