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The Magic Wallet

--by perseverance, posted Apr 12, 2008

While I was waiting to board a domestic flight at the airport, I began observing one gentleman of medium height and of medium build who carried himself with dignity.  He was walking with his wife and his two children,a boy and a girl.  They appeared to be a happy family.   I could see the love of the father for his wife and children whom he adored.  When the time finally came for the man to go to the security check line, he picked up his daughter and planted kisses and whispered some thing into her ears.  He then bent and caressed his son and patted him on the back and waved to the wife.  I could see that his eyes were turning misty and the same emotions could be seen with his wife and children.  He gave a last look and started his walk briskly and never looked back. 

He sat by my side at the departure hall and began looking at something very intently.  I struck up conversation with him and asked how long he would be away.  He replied, "Two days, two long days."  I then asked him what is he was looking at.  He showed his wallet and there were several compartments in it.  He said, "This is my magic wallet.  I have the pictures of my son and my daughter and wife in separate compartments and in one compartment  I have a group photo where all of us are there.

"When I feel lonely, I take this out and go through each of the compartments and look at the sweet pictures of my children and also my wife and try to bring before me how God had been so kind to me to give them to me.  I think of the delight they have given me and the funny pranks they play on me and then I become calm."

He also pulled out a small slip of paper where he has hours noted down and the date and he told me, "The moment I leave them, I have a time log of how many hours are there before I rejoin them and I comfort myself saying only 30 hrs and then 20 hrs and so on.  When I get time, I pray to God to give us all peace and prosperity and we should stay together.  I am blessed and this magic wallet is my companion when ever my family is not with me.  It  fills that gap of their absence.

After hearing his story I was spellbound and felt so humbled by his words. 

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kelsey wrote: that is a very beautiful story..i beleive that people come into our lives for a reason and that man came into your life, just like God came into mine. God Speed
jimpa wrote: A grand story.

Many Blessings,
Tigerlily wrote: Oh how beautiful.
sabrina wrote: An awesome story to make us realise the importance of family.They r with us always.WE really need to thank GOD for that.Cheers
tressyanne wrote: what an amazing story. thank you for sharing this with us. we all need a magic purse or wallet.
:) smile
lovebug wrote: You are a good observer of life, Thank you for your story. I do think I have in my possesion a magic wallet and I do look into it when life is not the way I want it to be, but it does help me keeping on. God Bless you honey

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