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Nearly Two Months Ago ...

--by cyctw, posted Jun 19, 2015
Nearly two months ago, there was an area that was covered in trash. After walking by this area for many years, I decided to try and beautify it.

I cleaned it up and planted some flowers. I hadn't watered the flowers in more than a week, so I went up this morning to feed them. Lo and behold, this is what I found! I couldn't have been given a greater gift this morning <3. Purple is my favorite color and it appears to have light shining from its center. My gratitude cup is overflowing <3 <3 <3

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kvpsummer wrote: What a beautiful surprise and a beautiful gift to your neighbors
kiwicat wrote: That is really inspiring. If we all did that, what a better place our neighbourhoods would be.
bramasole72 wrote: It does look lit from within! A gift for your hard work.
mindyjourney wrote: Such a lovely morning glory!!! Thank you for transforming that space into such beautiful blooms! :)))
Gyrocloudy wrote: I feel hypnotized when I look into the flower...
Sophia11 wrote: Wow, just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. ; )
terre wrote: And I see a few buds, too. More to look forward to!
KindMyst wrote: Just for you cyctw. It is indeed a beautiful flower and you help it happen.
Mitalichawla wrote: beautiful... stay the same. world needs people like you. cleaning up mesa and giving life to a new being.. ty. ♥
melnotes wrote: Wow! What an awesome job you have done I remember that space :)

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