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Thinking Outside the Bun to Share Smiles

--by mbutterfly, posted Apr 20, 2008

Last Friday, I went to Taco Bell late at night to get food. I looked down at my car door and remembered I had the Smile cards.  I smiled, drove up to the window to pay for my food and asked the cashier if I could pay for the food ordered by the person behind me.  The cashier looked puzzled, but agreed to my request. 

After I paid for my order, I gave the cashier a smile card.  The cashier read it, smiled and wished me good night. As I thought about how surprised the person in the car behind me would be, I smiled big and thanked God for my blessings.  My heart felt light, especially after having an emotional day.

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Swift wrote: Your follower no doubt thought twice about a lot of things that moment. I like to do this in the coffee drive-thru line up at least once a week. Thank you for making a difference!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is great you did that. I'm sure the people behind you were surprised and happy. Thanks for taking action to make a difference!
JuneBug wrote: The best thing we can do toget our minds of our troubles is to do something for someone else....Good job,mbutterfly!
AURELIA wrote: Happy for all! That was really nice of you to do. :0) I'm smiling from ear to ear thinking of their reaction to your kindness. :) ~Aurelia
miamaia wrote: Wow! It is so nice to read these stories and see how much people care,some day all you see is hate and criticism.Thank you for making a difference in this world! your little wave has the power to turn into a big wave of kindenss.
ZBee wrote: I just ordered my first Smile cards and can't wait to get them so I can do this stuff, too! You all are my Kindness Heroes!

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