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Loving Your Work and Working At What You Love

--by earthlykim, posted May 2, 2008

I became a massage therapist because I was headed for chiropractic school and wanted to see if I was ok touching people all day.  After completing my massage therapy education I started working out of my home while also working for a pharmaceutical company by day to save money for chiro school.

At first, it didn't really consciously occur to me that this type of giving was what I was really after.  I just found that I loved what I did and couldn't wait to go to work each day.  Now, ten years later and running a thriving massage therapy practice, I donate massages regularly to family, friends and random people such as pregnant moms having difficulty for any reason, abused women, widows and children with special needs.  Sometimes I just pick a person for no apparent reason and tell them that they have won a free massage with me.

I don't think I started it so much for my own satisfaction but because I felt that it is important to give something back when you have lived through your difficult times.  It was the times when people reached out to me that I felt most loved.  Even when I was alone it gave me strength to go be more positive about my future.

This small act makes me love my occupation and that enables me to give of myself to a greater extent.  When I get home at night I always feel great and full of energy.  Even though my muscles may be a little tired my spirit is always lively and positive.

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cabbage wrote: That is so great! Lucky you, and lucky are those who get to receive from you. :-)
akbj wrote: Great story. What you are doing is so kind, it makes me feel good just knowing that you are practicing what you believe about life. Thank you
lovebug wrote: I can remember when a massage therapist was considered a prostitue, but our minds have opened, we are now living in a time were people understand how important the human touch is body, mind, spirit. Thanks for sharing your healing hands with those who are in need of the great love you have.
splinter wrote: I am wanting to live this too - life is work and work is life that you want to live day to day and the challenges are fully accepted because it is in line with your soul. It's possible!- thanks.
YorkieMomX4 wrote: As a fellow (now ex) massage therapist, I know where you are coming from. I always felt as though I received positive energy from the clients I worked on. And sometimes I even felt like a real "therapist" because people seemed to open up when they are being worked upon. Unfortunately due to a shoulder injury, I can no longer carry my table and I miss the interaction! Carry on!
wayfarer wrote: Very few of us lucky enough to do what we love for a living. You are blessed, earthlykim, and by the sounds of it you are passing those blessings on just as much as you can! Yayyy, you!
AURELIA wrote: The love must pour out of your fingertips :) You are so sweet to donate massages to those less fortunate and in bad situations.More should learn from your example of giving. :) ~Aurelia
makesomeonesmile wrote: That is awesome how you think of others and give back. Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing!

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