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A New Start for Their Friend

--by mummymunt, posted Jun 28, 2015
Yesterday afternoon was great for me.

Over the past couple of days on our local Freecycle page there have been a lot of 'wanted' posts, all from the same person, basically asking for everything you'd need to set up a house from scratch.

One of the things they asked for was a queen-sized bed, which we just happened to have an extra one of (we get given lots of random stuff, lol), so I messaged them to offer them the bed. They snatched it up right away and came in the afternoon to get it.

The people who came, two ladies and a man, are actually friends of another woman with a young boy. This woman has escaped from a dangerous, violent relationship and these friends of hers are helping her and her son start over again, with everything from furniture to toothbrushes on their list of needs.

While they were here I also gave them one of our spare bookcases and some coffeemugs. I also asked them to keep in touch in case they need anything else - I have a knack for connecting people with things. I've offered the woman a cupboard we have as well; her friends just need to see if there's a place and/or a need for it in their friend's new home.
I was so excited to meet three such loving people, who were obviously excited to be meeting a whole bunch of people willing to help their friend. It was clear how protective they feel of this woman and her boy, how much they love her and want her to have a happy and safe life, and to spend even a few minutes with people like that is an experience I'll remember for a long, long time :)

A quick thank you to all who have sent more KarmaBucks over the last couple of days, as well as lovely messages of thanks and blessings. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with it all, but it's a problem I'm happy to have!
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mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for giving with such a kind heart <3. Blessings to the family in need.
sethi wrote: Thank you for being who you are and helping a mother to start life afresh.
Patt wrote: How kind and generous of you!
kjoyw wrote: Well, I would certainly include you in that loving person group you mentioned. What a wonderful service you've been doing by offering your things to those who need them. You're amazing! kjoyw
mish wrote: Earth angels, for sure.
terre wrote: It is great that you were able to help them out with the requested bed and more! And especially good that you asked to stay connected as you seem to be a conduit through which goods travel. 8-) Thank YOU for being such a caring person.
melnotes wrote: Awesome kindness in your giving mummymunt! Thank you :)
kiwicat wrote: That's great! I used to have a role like this in my church community. One lady was living paycheck to paycheck and her baby came early and she didn't have anything. I organised a group of mothers and we ended up with a carload of things to give to her. One of my friends donated a complete baby bag full of changing things (nappies, rash cream, parenting books, toys) another friend donated things for the woman's 2 yr old. People want to help, they just need to know how, and they need to be lead and inspired by people like you x
debbe530 wrote: Good on you, mummymunt. Well done!

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