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A Present For Grandparents Who Have Everything

--by teresa, posted Apr 25, 2008

My grandparents, Gene and Opal Howard, recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.  Our whole family was struggling with what to get them. They both had asked for only cards and no gifts -- they had everything already and just wanted to be with friends and family. Still everyone wanted to put money or get something for them. 

I couldn't give money but wanted to do something special for them to let them know how proud I am of having them as my grandparents. So, I went to my Aunt, who they live with, and asked her to please give me all the old pictures of them that she could find.  Then, with the help of my best friend, I put together a hand-made scrapbook for them, which was filled with lots of fond memories.

When I gave them their scrapbook at the open house, I told them I knew they didn't want gifts, but I hoped that they would accept just this one. As they looked through it, both of them cried and then shared the book with everyone who was at the event. Later that day, before they left, my grandma gave me a big hug and said "Thank you for our book. I didn't even remember some of these pictures!  If you and Marcie hadn't made us this book, the photos would still be in that old box and, more importantly, I wouldn't have been able to share with everyone here just why I love your grandfather today." It didn't cost us very much at all just our time, but she still shows her book off whenever anyone comes to visit and shares the stories behind the pictures.

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redcardemt wrote: I thought that was a great idea and it reminded of a present that i and my siblings made for our parents. I asked my siblings to come up with their top 10 memories that they had for each of our parents then my older sister complied them into notebooks. So each of my parents had a list of 50 favorite memories. My mother said that no gift had every meant so much. The cost was only a few dollars and could be modified with simple sentences, drawings or even short stories.
jeenal wrote: Superb idia. And i m really inspired.

cynthia wrote: Love expressions straight from the heart do go a long way in life and it doesn't cost us anything except our unconditional love.
bharnig wrote: Great idea :)
Maribel wrote: This is great. I did the same thing for my grandfather's 100th birthday which was a big celebration 2 years ago and all who attended family who met for the first time as well as friends where able to enjoy.
Beth wrote: What a kind and creative thing to do, such a lovely idea =)
prashant wrote: Really very inspirationral story whatever send by u.
Buntie wrote: What a gorgous person you are, your family must be very proud of you x
JazzyJean wrote: Very heart warming indeed, Theresa! Sweet of you!
nancymz wrote: Great idea !! The gift of memories was a wonderful thing to do. It did make them smile !

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