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Ducks in a row at the office

--by dianaamoon, posted Jul 1, 2015
The receptionist at my doctor's office has a collection of rubber ducks in the front office window that always makes me smile. (I have one too on my dashboard and I let folks know that I finally got my ducks in a row.) I remembered her collection ahead of time and so after my appointment and arranging for a follow-up appointment, I stealthily left one for her that was dressed as a nurse on the ledge of her desk without being noticed.
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sandy remillard wrote: Cute kindness!
sandyremillar wrote: Cute kindness!
mish wrote: Way cool kindness!!
terre wrote: Great gift!
kiwicat wrote: I love rubber ducks too! Good idea for a little gift to leave for someone!
leoladyc728 wrote: I have rubber ducks in sunglasses in my bathroom.
melnotes wrote: Go the rubber duckies!

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