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Wedding Anniversary Guest

--by Mish, posted Jul 3, 2015
Our friend's 90-year old mother was home alone and feeling sad. Our friends are on vacation and she lives with them. We were going out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary and invited her to join us. When she declined because she wasn't up to an outing, we surprised her by stopping by her house with dinner for her on our way back from our dinner. I know what she likes and she was so pleased. It made us feel happy as well.
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woodrose wrote: Thank you <3 xx
balou wrote: Bless you, mish! This was so kind! She surely appreciated the gesture.
luvdollhouses wrote: Oh, so lovely. I remember with my own mother, how unhappy she would be and we would go away. I was so lucky my cousin would come by and either just look in on her or bring her a meal. Blessings.
debbe530 wrote: You are such an angel Mish. I know she appreciated the food and love. Happy anniversary to you and H. xoxo
brindlegirl wrote: That is so unbelievably thoughtful. Bless you Mish ♥
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is very sweet, nice going!
mindyjourney wrote: So dear you are:)))). Thank you for your continued kindness in such special ways ❤️👍❤️
sandyremillar wrote:
Sweet kind Mish! your tenderness should be imitated!
melnotes wrote: What a wonderful gift to share! Thank you :)
pluto178 wrote: A wonderful thing to do she must have been delighted.....I don't like your tag changing though I don't know where I am now...some things are usually rock solid lol x

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