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Big Heart In A Little Boy

--by mermangel, posted May 3, 2008

On Fridays, my son's kindergarten class has "prize day" when all the children who have maintained good behavior throughout the week get to choose a prize to keep as a reward.  The children have behavior cards, which start out green every morning but are changed from green to yellow, orange and finally to red as their behavior declines.  The vast majority of these chidren never change their cards from green.  As school is dismissed, I am amazed to see the kids streaming out of the front door smiling ear-to-ear holding some inexpensive trinket like it was a gold medal. 

On many Fridays, there is one boy, who I'll refer to as "Tommy," who often walks out with an unsmiling face because he has had a difficult day or two that week.  From day one "Tommy" would be the first name the children would mention to their parents: "Tommy had a tantrum," or "Tommy woudln't listen to the teacher."  Tommy was getting into some sort of trouble every day."  Lately, things have become so much better for Tommy, according to my son.  He reports proudly each day, "All GREEN today," as if it was a personal or even collective accomplishent (which I suppose it is). 

Last night, after I kissed him goodnight, he said he was so excited because tomorrow was prize day.  "And I hope, hope, hope that Tommy stays on green!"  My heart swelled with pride and my eyes filled with tears.  I told my son how sweet I thought it was of him to think of Tommy rather than focusing on his own prize.  This is especially heartwarming as Tommy has on occasion called my son names but my husband and I tried to point out that Tommy's behavior was more about Tommy than him and that he should try harder to be understanding.  Well, he showed us what understanding really is!  I am so proud of both my son and Tommy and I hope one day they will both understand what the real prize was!

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VENKAT REDDY wrote: Thanks for sharing
KUMAR.P.M wrote: Gr8 story, thanks for sharing.
kumar wrote: Gr8 story, thanks for sharing.
bharni wrote: Very heart warming. What a great boy! Thanks for sharing :)
chzmzati wrote: cute!!!!!!!!
god bless you and your son!
athens wrote: What a wonderful son you have.. Children that age seldom think beyond themselves. I hope Tommy just needs aome positive reinforcement. Maybe at home he doesn't feel his worth. I find most of the time in my classroom that is the case. I have a Tommy in my class. But he is becoming better.. as I reinforce his positive behavior.
warmth wrote: it is wonderful that u have been able to inculcate compassion and positivity in ur little boy..I am sure he will be green always with such ever green parents :)
PHSteacher wrote: Wow! What a neat story! I just hope that my grandsons will grow to be like your son in thinking of others first. You must be doing an awesome job as a parent.
irongrace wrote: tommy sounds like me. I am finding those mountains very hard to climb.
Nandi wrote: I don't know why my comment got truncated! And now I don't remember what I had written after the last displayed sentence.
Anyway, let me conclude with thanking u, Kathy for the wonderful post.

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