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Perfect Timing

--by brindlegirl, posted Jul 10, 2015
Yesterday I was able to thank someone I have been meaning to for quite sometime. Recently, I've had troubles with my mobile phone which has required me to take into the store multiple times. The young man Pete who has helped me every time is so great. He is so passionate and always cheerful, which is sadly a rare sight these days.

On my last visit to him I wanted to gift him something as a thank you. I thought about a lunch voucher in the mall where he works, but there were none available. So as I passed a news stand selling lotto tickets, I knew that was exactly what I was to buy.

The best part was when I arrived to gift it to him. A man was speaking to him asking him if he had good work ethic and references as he wanted to offer him a job there and then with his company. The perfect time for me to approach Pete and gift him with thanks. The man said "Wow there is your reference right there if this lady speaks so highly of you and has bought you a gift!". I couldn't have asked for better timing. Yet I'm not sure what was the better gift: the lottery ticket or my words of praise when he needed it most.
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kiwicat wrote: Perfect timing. Clearly you were sent there!
kjoyw wrote: Yea! Isn't it great when things work out like that? You three were meant to come together in that way at that time. Great share.
mish wrote: Perfect!!
KindMyst wrote: Lucky Pete either way. Your timing was excellent.
anjuDV wrote: I agree....sometimes words requires to express ourselves. Great sharing.
melnotes wrote: This is awesome kindness brindlegirl and sounds like it was well received :)
mindyjourney wrote: Dear brindle, this so made me smile :))). In your open RAOKs, you have opened the door of more :))). Love how that works! Thank you, my friend.

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