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--by cabbage, posted Jul 11, 2015
A friend had mentioned in passing the other day that she wondered about how the ice cream was at a new shop that opened in yesterday when I was grocery shopping near that place, I picked up a tub of ice cream from the new shop and surprised her family with it after their dinner! They were delighted and surprised :-)
And it turned out that the ice cream there was quite scrumptious!!

Sent a heartfelt gratitude/friendship card to a special friend

Sent beautiful nature photos that I took while hiking to various friends to brighten their day.

Spent some time with lost tourists who had lots of questions about the hiking trail/directions this morning, and they were very grateful.
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carolec wrote: You were getting busy helping and being kind and happy. Sounds inspiring.
HappyAOK wrote: That was a very sweet thing to do!
mel37865 wrote: Wow great and yummy!
mish wrote: Nothing better than ice cream kindness x
Brindlegirl wrote: Cabage. This is brilliant. Thoughtful. And kind. You rock!
Mitalichawla wrote: yummmmmmmmmm kindness in force... ♥
kiwicat wrote: great idea!
melnotes wrote: I scream for ICE Cream :)

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