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The woman who went up a mountain and came down different

--by Mountainmoufl, posted Jul 7, 2015
I've suffered with crippling social anxiety and anger issues as long as I can remember. I never directed the anger externally but had a habit of being (retrospectivly) vile to myself.

A couple of years ago I came up with what I thought was a cunning plan of positivity: every time I became irrationally angry about something I couldn't change, I'd do a random act of charity. Things like loosing money or not getting a promotion saw me donating goods to our local food Bank.

At the start of this month myself and my partner went on our first holiday in years. Just a week in Tenerife but at risk of sounding dramatic, a life changing week. We climbed Mt. Teide and as I stood at the top soaking in my first taste of high altitude, something in my brain burst. Be it a life changing experience or a neuron dying through lack of oxygen I'll never know ;)

I came down that mountain as calm and as grounded as I've ever felt. This feeling lasted and lasted and is still going. I went back to work (caring for elderly folk with dementia) and didn't panic. I actually removed my headphones to talk to someone I knew in the street. I was calm. I went to the supermarket and shopped and kept my cool. I lost some money and I acknowledged it was only money: that my happiness did not depend on it.Ironically, I found this site through a walk I took alone yesterday. Middle of the countryside I remembered that me and my partner found a geocache and checked the log book. In the cache was this smile card thing which I'd never heard of so here I am!
I changed my random acts plan after the holiday, for every day I was anxiety free - I'd do something to say thank you to life for a good day. I've donated to charity, donated food for humans and pets, helped random strangers lift their shopping and broadcasted relentless positivity to my work friends. The universe was possibly sending me a message with that smile card. I don't have its number, I didn't know you could track them. Here I am sharing
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Mary wrote: Yours is a very inspiring story. Especially poignant that you found the smile card in a geocache and through that card you were directed to this site. As a result, you have taken positive steps to change your life. I am a long time geocacher in the usa. I will share your remarkable story with my local geocaching friends.
sethi wrote: Life changing experience. Great sharing , keep taking it forward and don't look back.
mindyjourney wrote: A mountaintop transformation of such beauty filled peace <3. Welcome to kind spring, my friend. Glad you found your way here :)))
alka wrote: What a great way to move positively in life - i wish you loads and loads of happiness and anxiety free future ,hope to see you here often loving life a gift to us
SeaMar67 wrote: Wow, what an inspirational story!!!! I'm smiling from ear to ear. Thank you for sharing.
terre wrote: Thank you for sharing such an amazing story with us and welcome to KindSpring! Stick around. You'll find much to keep you feeling kind and happy and full of joy.
mish wrote: A beauty-full mountaintop awakening. A sacred blessing.
fairykats wrote: Welcome :]
Mitalichawla wrote: welcome mountainmoufl. and well explained introduction. .. so you are a fighter.. and you learnt that there's no importance of material things we always run behind. its just oxygen thats important to live. and to live life happily.. you have to make someone happy for that and you feel yourself contended.. :) this is what you are doing everyday.. :)))) bythe way. I am mitali. you can call me jia. coz I like that name.. and I am happy you found a smile card as you are inspiring... and we need you to inspire us more and more.. keep smiling ♥
debbe530 wrote: Wow, what a way to join Kindspring! Glad you are here. Can't wait to hear what else life brings you and you bring to the lives of others.

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