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No Good Deed Stands Alone

--by wayfarer, posted May 3, 2008
My 20-year-old stepdaughter, Nicola, went to Romania to work with a Christian mission organisation called Hope For The Nations.
She had to raise the money for her own room and board and went out there for three months, working in a children's hospital/orphanage. Her job was to give abandoned children some human contact, make sure they weren't laying in the same diaper for days at a time and help reunite them with their (usually gypsy) families.
We were all very proud of her and, while she was out their sent plenty of "aid" packages and gifts for the children. But this, naturally, tailed off when she came home.
Then I discovered my daughter, Mandy, had gone to her employers and organised a collection of baby clothes. Of course the postage between the UK and Romania is expensive, so she bought 20 British pounds worth of items and held a prize drawing for the postage. She raised 150 British pounds. So now she can begin sending things out to the children.
Of course, I am PROUD of both of them, but the point of this piece is how one good deed inspires another. Nicola inspired us all and who knows how many people Mandy inspired at her work? The actual thing that is done is only half of any good deed, what it inspires in others is the other half!
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joyful wrote: What an incredible post! So often it is one moment in time that can change so much. Your daughters are an inspiration to all. Congratulations!! :)
AURELIA wrote: Don't Know How I missed this one! I'm speechless! Hugs to Nicola and Mandy! I am definitely inspired by this one. Wow. ~Aurelia
yogionthego wrote: I agree that you have wonderful daughters - very cool - but I also wanted to tell you that I really liked your thought on the act of giving/loving and what it inspires in other people. It makes me think of... um... who said it? Ghandi - "Be the change you want to see in this world"...? Not sure! Anyhow, I enjoyed your insight!
JuneBug wrote: I have a daughter named Mandy....You have every right to be proud of your daughters!
lmil1954 wrote: Holy cow! What a wonderful pair of daughters you have got there. They bring you every good reason to be proud of them. Right on and Amen!
supune wrote: wow! Mandy and Nicola are 2 cool young ladies.

Can you please post more info about the abandoned children's hospital? I've been to beautiful Romania 2 times and I'll probably be going again in next year. Mandy, Nicola, the people they rallied together and you have inspired me to think about volunteering at that same place.

jules wrote: I hope I can inspire and nurture my kids the way you have obviously inspired and nurtured yours :-)

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