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A Plea From the Porch

--by Namaste, posted May 4, 2008
I was walking back from Safeway this morning and an elderly woman called out to me from her porch. "Excuse me," she said. I wasn't sure if she was talking to me, so I looked around and not seeing anyone else I turned to her and answered,"yes?"
"Could you please help me with this?" she asked, pointing to a small shopping cart which was probably 10 feet below where she was standing.
"Do you want me to bring it up there?" I asked, and she indicated she did, and also indicated that it could be folded up. So I folded it, and brought it upstairs. She thanked me and I wished her a wonderful day, and went on my way.
As I continued walking, I was inspired to go back to get her address and mail her a smile card, encouraging her to "pay it forward" if she chose. Here I sit with the letter in front of me, ready to go in the mail.
I didn't get her name, so I'm just sending it annonymously with just the address. Who knows if she'll get it, and/or "pay it forward,
" but I feel wonderful in sending it.
Make it a blessed day.
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lmil1954 wrote: Bless your heart. And if she doesnt get it, the person who does will be the one who is supposed to.
pacots wrote: Wonderful act of kindness.
babes wrote: indeed another act of kindness....
jules wrote: Isn't life beautiful! :-)
sanserif wrote: "Paying it forward" makes you feel so good inside. What you did is such a wonderful act of kindness, namaste. God bless you!

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