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From the Bottom of My Heart...

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted May 5, 2008

Today has been a great kindness day for me. I brought an extra banana on my drive into the office and gave it to the homeless man at the corner. I bought coffee for the hurried woman in front of me, who smiled and had a little bit better day if only for a few moments. I sent 5 thank you notes to people who have done simple things for me in the past few days. And my daughter and I made smile rocks and sent them to a special friend in need.

How does this pertain to you? Because every single one of my acts today was because of something I read here! A special friend made a difference for me today when she sent me a great note and some karmabucks. A special thank you to her for making my day today!

Your comments, stories and kind acts make all the difference, even when you don't know it. Your words touch more hearts than you know and cause others to pass it on. Keep it up everyone! I am a better person having had my life touched by you all. I plan to continue following your lead and look forward every day the inspiration you provide to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

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Rajni wrote: No kindness act issmall. With ripple effects, you never know how big it can become. You did a very good job,].
luv4all wrote: this site has given all of a platform to share the human being in ourselves. To get inspired and go on with random acts of kindness, this is such a blessing.
thanks for making everyone realise this.
BOB no.3 wrote: LOL! DUB
arnee wrote: It is my pleasure being apart of this family. Keep spreading those acts of kindness everyone.Our most important reward is ho we touch lives with our stories..
Troy Koochin wrote: ohhhhhhhhh, yummy that makes me feel good inside and gives the chills down my spine.....SLURP
Anynimous wrote: probably do an effort....
BOB no.4 wrote: LET's all play fr2!
Vinnie wrote: I think all those acts were good, kind acts that you should be proud of. I too fell the same exact way, "helping others," is just a no-brainer concept.

Love, Peace & Happiness - Al Green

Love Vinnie
moira wrote: Wow, if everyone took 1 minute to care about someone else....what a wonderful careing world we would have. I am a lay counselor and counsel Drug addicts but many a night I sit and wait for people to seek help...and nobody comes...but I know on a night someone will come and I'll be waiting....Thanks everyone for caring
judy wrote: This was an excellent story. I am going to start doing some of the same. Thank you and God bless you always.

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