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Hand in Hand on a Stormy Night

--by carolreid40, posted May 14, 2008

The train was not working that night as I was heading home.  I had to catch a bus and 2 hours later was dropped off in the middle of the town I was staying in.  The ice storm froze the ground and it was very difficult to walk.  I asked three people for directions, but they were too hurried to help.

Then I saw an old lady holding onto the corner post with her packages, afraid to move.  I asked her where she was going and it was at least 3  miles away.  I tried to find a cab or police car but I was told they do not stop in this neighborhood.

So, we proceeded to walk along, holding onto each other for dear life.  The roads were layered with a sheet of ice.  Then and there I decided that I could not leave this old lady alone like this.  So, I decided to walk her home, hand in hand, for a good 2 hours.  Later that evening, I finally reached my destination  wet and exhausted but filled with joy and love for life.

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Woelwaters wrote: I can simply echo the other comment. This is caring at grassroots level.
liztree wrote: You created a lot of warmth on a cold, stormy night. Way to add light to this word. Thanks for sharing your story!
Lisha wrote: Carol, that was really bighearted gesture! Not thinking about urself or how people have behaved wth u. The world is a better place to live in bacause of ANGELS like you! :)
lovebug wrote: Two angels in disguise walking side by side, that is the way it is supposed to be. Thank you for sharing your story, it does indeed give me hope.
kamalpreet wrote: helping others and choosing angels path helps you to come close to jesus continue the good work and come near to son of god :-)
cindy wrote: sometimes humans can be angels too
akbj wrote: Can you imagine how that lady must have been praying for help somehow, then you came along & helped her despite your own exhaustion. Wonderful story, thank you for your kindness.
Christine wrote: That was graet of this person to help. You are blessed.
Stay blessed.
sethi wrote: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings have a human experience. It was really touching reading your story. Thanks.
bhappy wrote: Wow, though nobody had time for you. It didn't stop you from stopping and helping somebody who needed it. Thank you for your compassion and kind heart. Stay Blessed..

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