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Handmade Magnet

--by brindlegirl, posted Jul 12, 2015
How beautiful are handmade gifts! Tonight I received this magnet made with love from a lady in my class. She had mentioned one week about wanting to start a gratitude journal, so I gifted her one a few weeks later. She told me tonight how much her life has changed since starting one. I am so blessed to be able to give and share! ♥

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kiwicat wrote: You have such a beautiful heart x
pluto178 wrote: What a lovely thought x
melnotes wrote: Beautiful brindle and that kindness boomerang coming right back at ya xx
mish wrote: Your kindness acts are "life changers"! Bless x. Beautiful gift.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for spreading kindness and the gift of gratitude <3. Your positive impact is amazing!
terre wrote: Great magnet! And such gratitude the lady expressed for the journal you gave her. Very nice!

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