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At A Random Street ...

--by alisamom, posted Jul 14, 2015
At a random street corner in my hometown in Germany, a very small town, I found a "book box" where you can leave a book or take a book as you like.
I left a note for the person who put it up and added a Mindy peace dove(TM) :)

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kperrine wrote: That is awesome! Those doves sure are making their way all over the place!
mish wrote: I love this idea!!!!!
SeaMar67 wrote: Oh, I have read about this wonderful trend of individuals putting up what some call "Little Free Libraries" like this in towns and cities here in America and have dreamed of doing the same! I remember there is a website with stories and lots of fun photos. Thank you, alisamom, for sharing this! Im
SeaMar67 wrote: getting inspired again 8-)
pluto178 wrote: That is such a great idea.........x
xenahugs wrote: Love it! Both the book box and the thought of Mindy's doves continuing to make their way around the world!!!
balou wrote: great idea :-)
mindyjourney wrote: yay, on finding such a dear little library in your hometown :))) and for leaving a dove <3. many thanks, my friend. I am still smiling :))))))))))))
terre wrote: I've heard of these and am glad they are in other places around the world besides North America. Thanks for leaving a note and dove for the person who set this up.
melnotes wrote: How wonderful! I love this idea xx

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