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Big Apple Smiles

--by Mish, posted Jul 15, 2015
Warm & Wonderful Peace Dove Encounter.....

We took the subway into Manhattan today & as we entered the subway car a young man got up to give me his seat. I thanked him & he flashed a big smile. So, of course, I handed him one of Mindy's peace doves (never leave home without a few). I explained how my friend makes them & that there was a blessing tucked inside. He was visibly touched & expressed deep appreciation & we were grinning at each other, as was everyone in earshot.

A while later, as the train was pulling into his station, he came over to us & embraced us both so warmly and told us to keep on loving one another. I assured him we would & had been for 38 years. It was such a good exchange of loving energy on the New York subway. The ripples were felt by lots of people as there were big smiles all around us. It felt so good. 😋

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terre wrote: Wonderful boomerang on that kindness act of a Mindy dove!
SM2000 wrote: amazing
pluto178 wrote: How blissful that experience was...........x
melnotes wrote: Beautiful share mish and how lovely to receive that warm embrace! Enjoy your summer, love the image xx
Novice50 wrote: Mish, you are such a rock and an inspiration.
mindyjourney wrote: So dear the kindness ripples, dear twinnie. Thank you for spreading the doves and their message of peace.

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