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Living out a life-long dream in South Africa

--by Sharedtruths, posted Jul 13, 2015

My heart is so full of love and fulfillment, I have been so blessed to be able to live out a life long dream recently. I am so grateful for the support and friendship of a very dear friend of mine, who has helped me with making a kind acts project possible.

We live in Johannesburg South Africa, where as you all know poverty and unemployment are huge issues. I have for many years had a dream to open a soup kitchen. To be able to help and feed the hungry.

We have created a Facebook page called Shadows, where we have started sharing our kind acts activities with our friends. We are handing out blankets and I am making hearty soup, which we have started handing out to the homeless. There are so many people living on the streets, it is heartbreaking.

I have now created a blanket drive and hope to collect many which we will be handing out on the 18th July for Nelson Mandela's day. God's Grace and love has made this all possible. The act of love by giving has touched my heart to a point I have been so emotional. I love the journey I am on, my life is so beautiful. I just know this project is going to unfold and touch so many peoples lives.
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Zinat Fazal wrote: Everyone seem to live for themselves. Its people like you who make the world a beautiful place to be. God bless you for your goodness! Sending a big hug out to you. Thank you for teaching the world that love can be shared in various ways!
sharedtruths wrote:

I am at a loss for words ,,, all the karma points...comments and shares on my post, wow this is such amazing affirmation we are on the right path.... thank you God! And thank you to this amazing community, sending you all so so so much love.
Robert wrote: Great!
But remember it is not to be taken for granted to live where you live being white: your ancesters moved to there where they weren't welcomed to stay. They turned around their world, organised it their way, not any africans way, so i believe it is any white peoples task in africa to turn history upside down out of humanity. You are doing great with your project! Keep on doing humain things.
tewodros tessema wrote: You are blessed. I am really touched by the way you are stretching god bless u abundantly - to enable

You to stretch further.
Abundant blessings
Tewodros tessema
From ethiopia
Adrian wrote: Keep up the great work, send me a link to your facebook page as i could not find it and have you got a paypal account that we could send donations
Swamiji wrote: Hi the smile on you face shows you are blessed already. But keep affirming. "how does it get better what else is possible? Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the doer seated in your heart always. It is only by his grace we can breathe and all else is possible you are an inspiration to keepit up and see what it do to all around you and you will never need. God is great! .
Clover wrote: Thank you so much for what you are doing. Although i live on the other side of the world, your actions have touched me. Also i love what you said about how doing these kind things for others has healed your own "inner child. " that's how it works, doesn't it. Sending you bundles of love and blessings!
Lisa wrote: Bless you both, you are amazing and give me hope that i may be able to do the same thing someday.
pyronik wrote: such a great dream & well done on making it come true.
SeaMar67 wrote: Bless you, dear!!!!!!

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