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The Blessing Of Friends

--by Mish, posted Jul 16, 2015
Was able to listen to & encourage two good friends (who are always there for me when I need a friend) this week. They just needed to share some feelings.

Easy to do..listen, hug, bring snacks :))

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lindariebel wrote: Wonderful message! I saved the cartoon for future use and enjoyment.
Mish wrote: Graphic thanks to Waving ❤️
drishti wrote: Nice, same to u dear mish, ty :))
KindMyst wrote: Good friends ... the best of the best blessings.
pluto178 wrote: You really do have the most wonderful ears. x
balou wrote: ....great friendship, Mish, ........ and the graphic is just great, thanks, waving :-)
vitalreiki wrote: Beautiful! And snacks always help. X
melnotes wrote: So sweet mish you are a wonderful friend!

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