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Kind words from a Stranger

--by MichieJ, posted Jul 18, 2015
This is new for me and I don't know what to say really so I'm just giving it a shot. I was always a runner and in pretty good shape for most of my life so far. Then I hit a bad patch and each day just couldn't get myself out there to run. I put on weight which just made me feel worse about myself.

I finally got the running bug back again after a few years but it's much harder than it used to be and I struggle to slog through even the shortest, slowest jog.

I was out in a run the other day and I had almost convinced myself to quit and give up when I heard someone say "You can do it!! It's hard, but you can do it!" There was a lady walking the other way and had the biggest smile on her face.

Those words of encouragement at a time when I was ready to quit were like a divine intervention. I finished my run and now every time I feel like quitting I hear her in my head and it gives me motivation and encouragement.

I've never seen her again so I've never been able to thank her and let her know the impact something so simple as a few words of encouragement from a stranger had (and still have) on me.
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jazza99 wrote: That is so great! I am glad a few little words from a stranger helped you when you needed it most, keep doing what you are doing! Don't forget to pay it forward. 😄
carolec wrote: A case of perfect timing and your open heart. Lovely.
diane wrote: You are an athlete!
mindyjourney wrote: Truly, was an angel that helped you rediscover the wings of your feet :))).
pluto178 wrote: Angels in disguise............x
melnotes wrote: Thanks for sharing your story, lovely to have you here xx
KindMyst wrote: I am so glad you share your story. Good for you that you return to running because that was something you enjoyed and now you are back at it. Yes, you can do it! You can do it! That is a super positive tape to carry in our heads when we need that moment of encouragement. (((WalkingEncouragingLadyand Michie)))) - Welcome to KS community
mish wrote: Glad the universe put her on your by day, small steps & before you know it, you are back in form...up & running!! You can do x
terre wrote: It's serendipity that the lady was walking along just when you needed her encouragement. And by keeping her kind remarks in mind, you can definitely keep encouraging yourself to keep jogging. Well done! And welcome here.

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