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More Than A Munchie Box For Her Birthday

--by Wayfarer, posted Jul 15, 2015
We were sitting on the bus and the guy behind us was on the phone. After a "business" call he phoned his sweetheart. He explained that some money he was due wouldn't be paid in one lump but that they would get it even if they had to wait a while longer. It didn't sound hopeful.

She must have asked what he wanted for dinner and he replied that the last thing he wanted her doing on her birthday was cooking. I got the impression her birthday had been a poor affair. I don't know if he'd got her a gift but her not cooking seemed important to him, as if it as all he had to give.

So he suggested he picked up a take-away and said he knew a place that did a "munchie box" for a very reasonable price. For "reasonable" I heard "cheap." Then she must have explained that the munchie box option wouldn't work for their/her son. So he suggested getting the boy a different meal and they would share a meal. Then she must have asked about a couple of extras.

He assured her it would be no problem. I'm guessing she asked if he could afford it. He replied. "Yes, I can. Yes ... yes, I can." And I thought God love, no you can't.

As the bus approached my stop he was just saying goodbye to her. The next thing he knew this hulking great guy he had never met before was leaning over him. I think I actually gave him a fright! I put some money in his hand and said, "Get something nice for her birthday."

As I got off the bus I could see him looking - stunned - from the money, to me, to the phone. And I knew he was thinking, "How do I explain what just happened?" But, hey, I have blessings beyond number in my life. If I can drop one into the day of a trying man I always will. With pleasure!
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Readers Comments

DIva wrote: I wish that person will meet u again. Let u know what he gave her on her birthday with that money which u gave him!

Do let us know if this happens. :)
Kapil Gaur wrote: Real blessings and service comes straight from heart - the acton may be small , but it is filled with deep love and affection - great
swamiji wrote: You are wonderful god is great and seated in your heart!
. Bless you always,
jeah wrote: I hope everybody is doing it and step by step together we will walk to a bright future.
Love you all and do your best.
Chris wrote: Blessings to you and to him! I'm so happy you shared this story!
Riona wrote: Such a lovely action! Glad you seized the moment and helped make someone's day.
Barbara wrote: Thanks for not thinking yourself right out of doing what came to your heart.
CK wrote: Wonderful thing you did. You trusted your instinct and helped him. God bless you and your family.
kiwicat wrote: Thats beautiful, and an inspiration to everyone. If you can help someone, then help them.
sandyremillar wrote: You are the best and you will always know abundance because of your big heart! Bless you for eavesdropping so were literally God's Ears!!!

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