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Kindness is Contagious

--by brindlegirl, posted Jul 17, 2015
I first have to say how each and every one of you has made such a huge positive impact on, not only my life, but so many.

Earlier today I publically shared how a friend of mine (Mindy - name wasn't mentioned) often purchases a candy bar for the check out operator and how I too had that day.

Well since that post many others have gone on to do the same!

Tonight at work, thanks to this place and you all for inspiring me, when a customer mentioned how much she loved my bracelet I offered it to her. Taking it off of my own wrist and placing it on hers ♥
Kindness. spreads. It really does.

And thank you to all of you for sharing your stories with me. Without you or them I wouldn't be able to do the same ♡♥♡

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kiwicat wrote: Ive been inspired to give chocolate bars and a handwritten note to the bus driver when i take the bus thanks to the kind hearts on ks sharing the idea.
melnotes wrote: Oh brindle this is beautiful you so inspire me with your open heart and loving kindness! I love the quote and image of butterflies :)
pluto178 wrote: Ripples of kindness become waterfalls. x
mish wrote: Changing the world with kindness!
terre wrote: Given this action / reaction process, let's make sure to act positively, kindly, with love and respect, for that will be returned three-fold.
mindyjourney wrote: that is such a HUGE kindness, my dear brindle :))). You are so very dear, my friend. many thanks for sharing the kindness ripples <3.
debbe530 wrote: You are such an inspiration, BG, It's been so fun to watch you blossom.

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