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The Long Life of a Short Friendship

--by JackieHall, posted May 10, 2008

My son's day care provider experienced a tragic sudden death of a friend. She had just met this fellow and had sensed a deep connection before dropping him off at his car. He had a car accident that night, and was killed.

Deeply moved by the sadness that my friend was experiencing, I was compelled to write her some comforting words about being able to see the positives of how her friend had influenced her life and suggested that he possibly came to her as an angel of change for her life.

This trajedy, impacted her deeply and encouraged her to reevaluate her life, as tragedy often does. I encouraged her to look past the normal conditionings that would have us concentrate on the drama of a trajedy and suggested she instead reflect on the positive message this friend's life gave her and the people around her. This approach would bring honour to this friend's life, and pay it forward by using his inspiration to influence someone else's life in a positive way.

I was honoured that she was touched by this letter, and said that she would be framing it and giving it to a friend to read, as she would also find it beneficial. It's funny that I have recently become a writer of self-help material, having experienced some of the darker sides of life myself.

Since becoming of service to others in this way, I have moments where I am physically and emotionally compelled to just start writing about something. My writing ends up often being a message to help someone. It is almost as if something takes over and writes these inspiring messages for me. Sometimes, I have to look up words I have written in the dictionary to make sure my usage is correct. It is a spiritual and enlightening experience to be truly in service to others. Take care everyone. Jackie

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BedBug wrote: It is a special gift to be able to lift someone up with your words. Good for you!
nette wrote: hey jackie,

i have somewhat to compare with your experience. i write myself, and when i start writing i feel as if some1 takes over and i can't explain it but it feels so good. after i'm done writing, i read over what I've wrote and it amanzes me. god bless. take care. follow your heart
arnee wrote: You are truly an inspiration.. Thanks for sharing Jackie.
lovebug wrote: I hope you continue to write, it is your gift. You made it so clear, we all loose loved one's and need a way of coping with lose. Many will be helped by reading your story, so keep on sharing and using your gift.
FC2000 wrote: So many times things happen that we don't me friendships are the most important thing in my life. About half a year ago I 'lost' a good friend and now I avoid her all the time even though I wish we could still be friends...but I think I learnt a lot from that friendship and I think everything happens for a reason...
Norman wrote: Thanks for sharing. God bless you and may all those blessed to read and share your stories always find the strength and courage to overcome any distress.
YorkieMomX4 wrote: Sometimes we get help from above that helps us deliver the message we would like to convey, but are at a loss for the "proper" words
asianvia wrote: It feels good when we help others to ease thier burden like what your son's day care provider feels..i wish one day i can!!
lmil1954 wrote: Hi Jackie, keep writing, as your words are an inspiration to many! You are blessed with a gift...that keeps giving.
makesomeonesmile wrote: That is awesome Jackie. Thanks for making a difference in the world. Any time we can learn or find a positive from tragedy, that is terrific. Thanks for helping others do the same!

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