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Good Samaritan's Cell Phone to the Rescue

--by cabbage, posted May 16, 2008
I was riding my son's scooter home from the library while he was accompanying me on his bicycle.  I was wearing a heavy backpack loaded full of books. Suddenly the scooter hit a rock and I was thrown from it and landed flat on my face onto the pavement.  My concerned son, who is 8 years old, rushed to my side to help me and bravely stood next to me holding both his bike and the scooter as I tried to get up.

I then realized that my front tooth was lying on the sidewalk beside me!  I scooped it into my pocket and then probed my mouth with my tongue to assess the damage. Not wanting to alarm my son, I tried to get up and reassure him that I was okay. As I tried to stand, my head was spinning and I felt nauseous so I bent down and put my head between my knees. Cars were speeding past us on the main road, unaware of my little drama. Neither me or my husband own a cell phone (surprising, I know) so I just figured we'd walk home a little slowly. We were about 3/4 mile from home.

As I was pondering all of this sitting on the sidewalk, an older gentleman came up to us and repeatedly asked if I was ok and if he could do anything to help. I asked him if he had a cell phone. He did and I used it to call my husband to drive over and pick us up.  Once I stood up I thanked the gentleman and told him I really was grateful for his help. He walked off, but I could see him watching us from a distance to see that we were really ok. 

Since I was still shaken up by the incident when my husband came, I did not have the clarity of thought to ask for the gentleman's name or address.  Afterwards, I simply thought of him as the real "good samaritan" and I have done my best to "pay his kindness forward" to others. 

So, nameless, kind stranger--THANK YOU!  And for those of you who take your cell phone for granted, remember that you can use it to help someone someday! :-)
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AURELIA wrote: WOW what an ordeal. You poor thing and your son must have been frightened too. I am happy that that gentleman stopped nad helped you out with his cell phone. :) Hope you were able to get your tooth back in. :) ~Aurelia
lOVEBUG wrote: I am so glad I did not go to bed early, I would have had to wait until tommorow to read your delightful story. I do carry a cell phone, but I seldom use it, I only carry it, just incase someone could use it. I am on my husband plan and he pays the bill, so I can afford to be generous. I lost a front tooth once, I quit smileing, for a while. but a good samaritain offerd to replace it, and I took him on his word. I was able to afford to replace this missing front tooth and I am no longer embarrased to smile. God Bless
lmil1954 wrote: Thanks for telling your story. (and thanks for the karmabucks)...anyway you are right you NEVER know who doesnt have a cell-phone, which is why I insist on asking if people in trouble need to use mine. Sometimes I think to myself, oh they probably have one...everyone does, but you've just reinforced my thoughts. As for your tooth I hope you get one real soon cos as cute as you probably look without it, trust me, you'll truly be smiling when it's replaced!
Brighteyes wrote: sorry to learn of your glad your kind hearted stranger offered assistance and cell phone....I too, do not have a cell phone, due to my hearing loss and others have offered theirs, even called my hubby for me....I TOO SAY THANK YOU to all those good samaritans out there!!!!!!!!
JuneBug wrote: I don't carry a cell phone but my children do. I am grateful for that in case they break down [ especailly the females!] ..Still the same God sends us angels, huh? :}
yogionthego wrote: I hope you are ok. Nice to hear about people doing good things!

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