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A Good Ding-Dong-Ditch

--by kiwicat, posted Jul 16, 2015
I just got a phone call from a friend that I "ding-dong-ditched." (I other words I left a package on her doorstep, rang the doorbell, and ran away before she answered.)

She said, "Thank you!" And I replied, "Hey! It was anonymous!" But I guess she figured it was me. 

She said the kids all picked something out of the bag and went off very happily. She added that it was lovely to put her feet up at the end of the day with some treats to munch on.
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pluto178 wrote: Gosh I thought you had fallen out with her (ditched) and she was saying thank you I am glad you did it.......just realised ding dong is ringing the bell and leaving something on the doorstep is ditching.............hey I am learning a new language here. lol x
Mish wrote: :))))). Still smiling from "DDD" :)))))))
terre wrote: Guess you can't truly be anonymous with some people! I'm glad it went so well.
mindyjourney wrote: Like the ding dong ditched :)))). Kiwi, you so a kindness bird/cat :)))
Gyrocloudy wrote: Smile smile!
melnotes wrote: Awesome!!!!

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