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Melbourne Kindness

--by brindlegirl, posted Jul 19, 2015
I've arrived in Melbourne and the kindness mission has begun!

My first was gifting the coach driver of the airport transfer a chocolate bar as I stepped off the bus. His face when I gave him the chocolate bar said it all. And as I walked away I overheard him say to a fellow colleague "after all these years working here that is the first time a customer and passenger has ever given me a gift".

I am so grateful it was he who drove us all today and that I was able to gift him. I'm about to head out and explore this beautiful city and along the way hope to be presented with as many opportunities as possible to be kind ♥

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mish wrote: Melbourne will be rippling with your beautiful kindness. Enjoy every moment x
Annabella wrote: Awwwww what a sweet thing, how you touched his heart. That's just too beautiful. Watch out Melbourne, a beautiful kindness storm is predicted :) . Have fun dearest <3
kiwicat wrote: that is lovely.
mindyjourney wrote: yay!! Kindness has begun in Melbourne :)). Well done, dear friend <3. Enjoy it all!
SM2000 wrote: that is so nice
deactivated wrote: that's soooo amzningggggggg...oh my yoooooo
melnotes wrote: How delightful brindlegirl! Have a fantastic time in Melbourne :)
terre wrote: Great beginning! Have a wonderful time!
pluto178 wrote: So much more to come............have a great time. x
truthunltd wrote: Melbourne gets a Well Born brindlegirl. :-))))))

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