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Give A Lift To A New Mom!

--by cabbage, posted May 16, 2008

This story happened years ago, but the kind words of a stranger still linger in the back of my mind and I try to "pay it forward" to other moms (and dads!) that I encounter.

I was in a doctor's office with my very active two-year-old waiting for my turn. We were reading story after story together, giggling and flipping the pages, and just having a great time. This went on for quite a while as I had to wait, and wait.

After some time an older woman who had also been waiting came to me and said, "Dear, you are just so patient with him and you are such a good mother." I smiled and said thanks and she left the office.  Actually, I'm sure I had tears in my eyes after she left.

I cannot tell you how much her words meant to me on that day and for days afterwards. As a "new" mother it was just such an amazing gift to feel like maybe I was doing something right! Whenever you see a young mom please help out, even if it's just a kind word. It means more than you'll ever know.

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AURELIA wrote: What a nice story. I used to love it when people told me my child was well behaved at the diners. I was proud that I was doing good. I usually tell mom's how cute kids are, but I will now look for something good to say about their behavior too. ~Aurelia
wayfarer wrote: A a child I always thought the previous generation - our mothers and fathers - must have had some kind of instruction manual! When I became I dad i realised you have to make it up as you go along, always hoping for the best. So, insecurity is a big part of being a (good) parent.
Yeah, I can just imagine how happy you must have been and thank you for passing it on!
warmth wrote: Thank u so much for sharing a wonderful kindness idea :)
JuneBug wrote: I don't know why they have us wait so long to be seen for an appointment. Guess you can never tell what goes on behind those doors. Patience is a gift to teach your children...GREAT job, mom! You did well! :}
EvieG wrote: You are spot on in your writing. Parenting is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs in the world. We ALL benefit when people do it "right" and so it is important that we encourage each other when we see good parenting. Thanks! :)
brighteyes wrote: I know I admire and respect Moms & Dads especially the really patient, loving ones and did not think to pass them a kind word...I love when they are well mannered, generous and sharing, creative, etc so will remember yoru story and offer help and/or a kind word or compliment or two as I do notice!
lmil1954 wrote: You are so right cabbage. And I love your "name". I had people tell me that when my kids were little and I was like really DID mean a lot. Thanks for sharing and for caring enough to remind us that we ought to pay back kindnesses of that sort. God Bless you and your little one! LindaM
bitesize wrote: Oh! You are so right. I give compliments like that all the time. As a young mother whenever I got a compliment close to that I would beam at my little one. ~Even when I see moms so frustrated I smile in understanding rather then looking at their "bad" kids and her attitude towards them. So be kind on the bad days and compliment the good days I say!
cabbage wrote: Bitesize,

I absolutely agree...being kind on the bad days (frustrated mom with kids mid-meltdown...we've all been there too)
is JUST as important! Again, airports during this holiday travel time are a perfect place to practice this idea!

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