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An Empty Wallet Gets A Refill

--by willowmoon, posted May 19, 2008

It seemed to be an ordinary crazy busy Saturday at the restaurant I work in.  Then, all of a sudden, all the staff started turning the kitchen upside down, going through the garbage, looking and looking for something.  As it turned out,a fellow server had lost her wallet full of money from the day.  It was really moving to see so many people (including the caring management team) digging through garbage and taking the time to help this girl.  She was beside herself in tears.

Then, out of nowhere, the story took a turn for the worst.  They found her wallet in the staff bathroom, empty.  Long story short there is no doubt that another employee stole her money and left the empty wallet in the restroom while everyone else was busy trying to find it.  Jaws dropped to the floor, hearts sank, people were hurt and angry and everyone was sickened that someone we work with side-by-side, day in and day out could do such a thing.  It seemed so dark and depressing -- where had goodness and love gone?

Then, the story took yet another surprising turn -- for the better!  Next thing I knew another server was handing this girl $175.00 -- a bunch of employees had pooled their money together to replace the stolen money.  The kindness and love didn't stop there. 

Customers that got wind of what had happened gave her money as well.  All kinds of people, even some who didn't even know her, reached out their hands to help.  By the end of the evening her tears of pain had turned into tears of joy.  Overwhelmed by the love and kindness of others, the gratitude was written all over her face as she thanked everyone as much as she could.

Its things like this that remind me that there is so much more light and love in every person in this world than there could ever be darkness.

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billy ray sirus wrote: This story was a realy good act of kindness.

Love you by
Kundila Epemilo wrote: its a touching story. it shows God's power and controll over every situation
Estine Nacho wrote: A lesson that God is in control of every situation in our lives even when we think the worst has happened God always bring good out of the bad that happens to us. Thank God there was only one thief but many many generous people still exist. Be good and let God use you to bring good out of bad things that happen to others.
Ndiso wrote: this story teachs us that indeed God is us he dwells in us,everyone is God because we are all God sent,our Brothers keepers,and their gardian angels, God bless
nanzala wrote: whatever any one does comes back in ripples either directly or indirectly from our parents down the line. the effect is felt even after a long time it is felt. helping hands are open but with blessings
Hekima wrote: I have learnt much from the article mostly is in every you find bad people also good people are there.But every one is suppose to make a world is a better place for every one by trying to be good to you fellow
Antonio wrote: If it wasn't for the person to steal away her money,she would not have been as overjoyed as she was; had she found her lost wallet, over the timely help and concern given by people maybe known and strangers unknown to her too.Remember everytin happens for a reason and Everything happens for the BEST.
evergrateful wrote: Human beings are basically good, have faith in outr fellow-beings.
Mangala wrote: A lovely story. Maybe Dalai Lama is right: Human beings are fundamentally good.
Giftbearer wrote: This is a heartwarming story! I love to hear that there are still people in the world who are willing to help others in need.

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