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Father And Son Bonding

--by cjnordling, posted Jul 22, 2015
Last night  it was still light out when I returned home from work. My new neighbor and his son were in their favorite place, outside in the yard, playing ball. The young boy always reports to me how many "home runs" he hits and I always clap and cheer for him.

These guys are something else. Where you see one of them, the other is not far away. The dad is always engaging the child in conversation, focusing on the child...not talking on a cell phone or walking ahead of the boy so that he has to run to keep up with him. This guy is the real deal. It warms my heart to see a father and son enjoying each other's company like they do.
As they were returning to their upstairs apartment, when the boy out of earshot, I asked the dad if his son had a bike. He said no. I wasted no time trekking to the store and I was beside myself with excitement as I picked out a neon green 20" bike with all the jazzy stuff kids like. I loaded the bike, training wheels, bike lock and helmet into my car and off I went.

At home, I unloaded the bike and gear and carried it upstairs to their apartment and left it outside the door. Not a light task for a
70-yr-old woman! :) Not 5 minutes later they were at my door, with the boy dancing up and down with excitement, the dad humble and appreciative. I told the dad that I need  to get rid of a men's mountain bike that I was storing for a friend and he happily obliged by taking it off my hands. Now the two of them have another activity they can do together.

I told the dad how proud I was of him for valuing quality time with his son. It's something the boy will remember throughout his life. For me, it's one of lifes pleasures to see them together.
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roselark7 wrote: Wow that is really appreciable. Thank you for your kindness :)
Ella wrote: Lovely to read! I do have a lot of respect for you: "coming home from work. " while you are 70! So nice to see that you are excited while buying all the stuff, jus tot make them have more fun and more bonding together. I suppose you can smile for hours thinking back! Thanks for making us smile!
cjnordling wrote: Thanks all for the kind words. We can all enjoy the picture of father and son celebrating life together. Thanks.
melnotes wrote: Wonderful share of kindness! Thank you :)
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your extra kind heart <3 <3, to father and son. What wonderful times they will enjoy together on those bikes! Well done :).
terre wrote: What a kind gift you have given them! Thank you so much.
lindariebel wrote: Thanks for telling us about this loving father and expressive child.
Patt wrote: Thank you for sharing this story. Not only have you done an act of kindness once but twice. First by your giving of the bike but also by appreciating and acknowledging this father's devotion to his son. It is truly rare to see that type of interaction anymore. Thank you for sharing what you have seen and your help to keep it going!
Pat Kowinsky wrote: Thank you for the double kindness. First you noticed the devotion of a father to his son which in this day and age is rare. Then, you purchased a bike to give them more opportunities to share. This is truly a double blessing. Thanks for sharing!
LoveSisterSoul wrote: Blessings all around! I am blessed just by reading this. Thank you over and over again. Confirmation: there is good.

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