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Coffee is Out of My Comfort Zone

--by Brindlegirl, posted Jul 21, 2015
Earlier today, there were some men removing my the backyard fence. I was surprised to see them working even though it was cold and raining. 

As I stood in my warm home watching them, I heard a family member say to me, "Nicole, go out there and offer them a coffee or a warm drink." 

I didn't want to, and thus made up a bunch of excuses. Underneath the excuses, I was afraid. I had never met them and was scared to start up a conversation and face possible dismissal or rejection. Going out to them was completely out of my comfort zone...which is exactly why I did it. 

I asked myself, 'Nicole, are you a kind person? Or are you only kind when it's easy and makes you feel comfortable?' I knew this would be good for me to grow as an individual, so I went out there. 

Guess what? They said no. And it's okay. I faced my fears and offered them a kind gesture. That's all that matters.
To some of you, this may seem like a simple action. To me, however, it took courage. Confidence is something that I work on daily, and performing random acts of kindness is a great way for me to grow. Next time, I know it won't be nearly as hard.
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Readers Comments

Aniruddh Mehta wrote: So nice :)
melnotes wrote: I admire your courage! You inspire me to do more and step out of my comfort zone, thank you :)
mindyjourney wrote: Listening to the inner voice is HUGE, my friend. Agree re above comments much :)). Well done!
kiwicat wrote: have you heard the hymn " here i am Lord, i am yours Lord, i have heard you calling out my name" its from scripture but i dont know where. Ive had a push, so physical i turned around to see if someone had actually pushed me! Did carried out the thought that gave me the push :-)
terre wrote: Congratulations on facing that fear and taking the risk! You're right, it does get easier when you keep putting yourself out there.
KindMyst wrote: Brindlegirl conquers fear!! Great exercise you put yourself thru. The outcome in not as important as the process. :)) You did it!
pluto178 wrote: It is something I would do too.........and believe me they usually really appreciate it especially on a miserable day....well done for facing one of your fears..............x

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