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Guerrila Repairs for the Homeless Folks

--by ljmagnuson, posted Jul 21, 2015
I go to Goodwill or some other used merchandise place, buy laptops which need a bit of work such as a new hard drive, memory, etc. and repair them for use by the homeless. Many job applications these days have to be done online, and this gives them the ability to do so.

The homeless person can go into someplace like McDonalds or Starbucks and get online, apply for jobs. The computers may cost me at most ten or twenty dollars as is, and myparts for repair are most of the time salvaged from other computers I have around and I use those parts to fix the machines.

I am professionally trained as a hardware repair technician and photographer/filmmaker and also am a musician. I will fix up guitars for the homeless sometimes too, or some other instrument or perhaps a camera on occasion.
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Readers Comments

poetrybug wrote: What a wonderful idea. Thank you for your thoughtfulness :)
carolec wrote: How lovely that you use your time so well in service to people who need can benefit so much. Wonderful to use your talents so wisely.
kiwicat wrote: Thats such a great thing to do. It would be hard to stay connected in this job seeking world without online and email access. You are truly an angel walking the earth using your talents to help others.
Pat Kowinsky wrote: Thank you for what you do through your talents. You are a blessing to the homeless in ways not many people can be.
Lorrine wrote: How appropriate! He uses his abilities/talents to make a difference in other people's lives! Thank you. Now let us do likewise!
4everblooming wrote: A great way to use your unique talents. A real way to help those in need.
lindariebel wrote: Kahlil gibran wrote, "work is love made visible. " you have given us an example.
Mason wrote: Thanks so much for showing care and respect for fellow human beings, especially the homeless people who often are that way through unforeseen circumstances. You are a very kind person.
Pat Brown wrote: What a wonderful and inspiring way to support self-help and independence!
Thanks for telling your story.
terre wrote: A kindness guerrilla for the homeless -- I love it! Thank you for doing all this.

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