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What a Bargain!

--by elissa, posted May 16, 2006
So my girlfriend and I were in a womens store in Jersey this past saturday and I am paying $15 for 2 tops which is next to nothing and overhear the clerk at the register saying that the winter coats just got marked down to $1!

After she handed me my change for $20, I handed it back to her and said I will take 5 coats for women in our local shelter and everyone said, "oh that's so nice of you", blah, blah, blah.

I did it to keep a woman warm, not for any other reason. I didn't do it for recognition or anything else. I just hoped the person behind me in line also bought a coat for $1 at least one to keep a coatless woman warm this coming winter!

I will be donating the coast as soon as I locate a homeless shelter (it seems after checking online in my area they won't accept them until winter?), so my trunk will be holding them until then!

Anytime you see a bargain like that, how could you not feel guilty not purchasing at least one? I wouldn't be able to enjoy my beer that night knowing that it cost more than 5 coats if I didnt purchase them! I hope you all can make someone warm in someway! God Bless You ALL! xo
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Aurelia wrote: Elissa, What a wonderful idea! I will remember to be on the look out with my ears and eyes open looking for a bargain that I could pass on to someone in need!!! You are awesome! ~Aurelia
Robert wrote: Give and it shall be given unto you

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