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A Kind Bomb!

--by kiwicat, posted Jul 20, 2015
At my previous work-place we had a really dreadful boss. It made for a united staff! One of the things one of the teachers used to organize was a 'kind bomb' and if a teacher was unwell and away for a period of time, or who was struggling with difficult times, this teacher would send out a message and keep a box in her room.

All the staff members would contribute something - a magazine, chocolates, food items, write cheer up messages of encouragement, bathroom products, and vouchers, items as big or small as people could afford.

It was funny that sometimes the teacher who it was meant to be for would find out there was a kind bomb going down, and contribute to not knowing it was for them! Lol. There was a presentation, hugs, tears, and it was a beautiful and easy thing to do.

When the teacher who organized it originally left, I took it over and it was humbling knocking on a colleague's door at home, or visiting hospital and see the look of shock, joy and how much it meant to someone who needed a boost.
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sarah wrote: It is a wonderful idea. Be united,look after each other. Only thing i felt instead of bomb,kind ball/bag/surprise/pack etc. Just a kind suggestion. Hope more offices/workplaces/businesses follow this. In our workplace we send flowers. Bake cakes and give fruits etc.
diana wrote: Totally love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing it so i can add it to my arsenal of goodness.
Chris wrote: So glad you continued this lovely practice!
Wendy wrote: Love this wonderful idea!
pluto178 wrote: What a lovely thing to do. x
bountiful wrote: that is such a awesome idea and kindness from you and colleagues, what a lovely teacher your colleague is too have thought that form of gifting to all..and now you are sharing this too blessings for you kiwicat ::))
melnotes wrote: Wonderful bomb of kindness Kiwicat! Love this idea, thanks for sharing :)
mindyjourney wrote: Kind bomb exploding with such caring and even laughs :))). Friends and I have a similar "bag" that we pass around with inspiration materials in :))
terre wrote: I like this kind bomb! So much better than any other kinds of bombs I've heard of... Thank you for sharing this, am getting ideas...

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