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Casual Kindness

--by mindyjourney, posted Jul 26, 2015
Colleague mentioned how she and her husband had recently celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary, which prompted her to research the meaning of "4." In doing so, discovered that "4" was the number associated with perseverance, which of course is indeed needed to be married 44 years!

Brought her this book that I happened to have about that very quality :). Is one of my favorite books and have given many copies away over the years. Happy to revisit it again myself in the giving.

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Mish wrote: 4 is my LUCKY number .
starryskies wrote: Another message I needed to hear. Thanks kindness angel. Xo
kperrine wrote: 4:44 my favorite time of day. AND....I often look at my clock in my car while driving home and it displays that magical time!
sandyremillar wrote: I'm there...perseverance is wonderful!
KindMyst wrote: Excellent book dear Mindy. Always a very thoughtful, inspiring friend, colleague.
kiwicat wrote: 44 years is a long time. Definitely the art of perseverance!

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