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Just 2 Quarters Worth Of Kindness

--by kperrine, posted Jul 24, 2015
This morning there was a young man roaming the campus. He comes from one of the half-way drug rehab/mental illness houses on the surrounding streets. He's quiet, polite, and I think very lonely, and bored. I saw him earlier standing at the soda vending machines, jiggling change in his pockets. It appeared he didn't have enough money for a soda at $1.50. I returned from the adjacent building and he was bending down and looking for dropped change under the vending machines. Nothing to be found. I asked him how much money he needed and he replied "just 2 quarters". I reached into my pocket and magically, I had 2 lonely little quarters in my pocket. Gave it to him and he got his Dr. Pepper and flashed me the biggest smile. I asked him what he was going to eat for lunch. He said they have food back at the house, but usually just noodles or a sandwich that he didn't like. I took him back to my office and gave him several Pizza Hut coupons, one for a free personal size pan pizza.

I've been saving pennies and small change now for several years in a can at the office. I'm sure there was a nice amount of change in the can. I gave him the can and told him to take it to Weis Market and use the Coin Star and cash it in. Told him to make sure he returned my can because it had cats on it. Well, just 10 min. ago he brought me the can back and handed me $30.00 and some change. This was the contents of the can. He didn't understand that the money was for him and thought I just wanted him to do me a favor and cash in the change for me. My heart skipped a thousand beats. Can you imagine? My act of kindness to him bounced back on me.

We had a nice conversation about animals, science, food, etc. and then I handed him the $30.00 and change. Told him that I wanted him to keep the money and just return the can. He asked me why I was doing this for him. I replied "You have a need and I'm happy that I can help. Now, go get yourself a pizza and soda and pay it forward". After explaining the pay-it-forward concept to him, he understood. Upon his exit, I handed him a free Psychology book just in case he wanted to know more about the science of the mind.

Isn't it amazing what "just 2 quarters" can do? Made this young man happy, made me cry happy tears, and left him know that people care about him.

Going to go clean up my raccoon eyes now!
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NiceladyMary wrote: Amazing! You fed his belly buying him a pizza, then you fed his soul by putting trust in him to cash in the money, then you fed his spirit by chatting with him human-to-human, and then you fed his mind by giving him the psychology book! Wow! I love this story! Wouldn't surprise me a bit if you see a book written later down the road by that young man about his "adventures" as a youth and how you stepped up and lifted him up in so many ways that day!
cyctw wrote: A beautiful connection was made thru compassion and love😍
myfbil wrote: Beautiful story. You gave him much more than money/food/drink. You gave him kindness which is something money cannot buy!
myfbil wrote: What a wonderful deed you have done. Beautiful story. You gave him more than money/food/drink. You gave him kindness which is worth much more than anything money can buy.
David Cole wrote: Two quarters and a cat jar of coins. Sounds simple enough. But could the impact be expanding his mind?
Will he wonder now that he has met someone who thinks differently, thinks of others, looks for ways to be a friend or in short, "love his neighbor in extraordinary ways. " (mission statement of my church of suntree).
Like a stone thrown in still waters creating ripples, may all our ripples continue.
Janet Roberts wrote: I love how just small everyday interactions to which we bring our presence and attention and genuine interest in another person can create such beauty. This young man now knows that he matters. Such a blessing. I feel encouraged and expanded and like i live in a brighter world. Thank you for sharing your story.
Chris wrote: Isn't it amazing what one loving and kind person can do! Awesome!
terre wrote: Excellent kindness! Thank you!
mish wrote: The beauty of your kindness knows no bounds & I am wiping my eyes along with you. No words, Kath no words. Bless x
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is awesome! I love reading stories like this of kindness that comes full circle. Keep up the great work my kind friend! :)

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