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Trying Harder...

--by kiwicat, posted Aug 2, 2015
I'm trying really hard to 'be present' and putting my phone away and ipad away. I'm limiting my time on FB (and had a lovely comment from my son this afternoon, "Mum are you there? if you are not there, where are you?") which shows I spent too much time there, if that's their first stop to find me! My second thing on a different vein is when school goes back, no gossiping, which for me isn't saying it, its listening to it. I've got some strategies (changing the subject, walking out, and saying I'm not comfortable talking about the person when they are not there) I want my workplace to be one of kindness and I'm starting with myself.
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hcper wrote: You are splendid. From your words here and your new choices, it is clear that your heart is awakening. Let your light shine! :))))) big hugs to you kiwicat.
novele wrote: Beutiful story this is my oportunity because i'ts goo^^.
novele love mauie wrote: It's good for children because they can teach some childs
Like me and my crush mauie
newdayvow wrote: Rock on, fight the gossip!
rparbadia wrote: It is really good that you are trying to control the amount of social media. This start is really good for everyone.
carolec wrote: I love your plans. Good luck.
pluto178 wrote: I can't bear it me or is it quite rare these days... I know more and more people who don't gossip and less and less who do when I come across someone who wants to gossip its quite nauseating....... if people talk about others just ask 'and how does that make you feel'.........because people want to act as though they are innocent in this asking them how they fit into this gossip usually shuts them up.............alternatively ignore it and start up a conversation about something else.......make it something boring so they get the message and stand by someone else outside school tomorrow. They are sad really living their lives through others..........x
mindyjourney wrote: Starting with self is always a good place to begin :)). Strategies in place; well done!
KindMyst wrote: I echo Pluto's comment on gossip. And anyone that refuses yo engage in gossip as we understand now is a kind being. Good going kiwicat.
mish wrote: You can do. Kudos!!

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