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You Know What I ...

--by brindlegirl, posted Jul 27, 2015
You know what I find so amazing is how these simple words can brighten another's day.

I have been out all day and morning and at every exchange of service I had today, I said as I farewelled the person "Have a wonderful day".

Each and every time the whole person's face lit up. I thought about this more as I walked away, wondering why it was so. Surely I wasn't the only person to wish them a sweet or beautiful day?

Then I had the thought ... 'brindlegirl, but you meant it'. And I did. Each and every time I thank someone I do so from deep within. I feel it in my heart and speak from that place. That way when it's received by the other person, that is exactly where it is felt.

I learnt this technique a year or two ago - speaking from your heart. It's simple too. All it requires is during any exchange of words that you focus not on what your saying, or the other person, but your heart center and your heart. When you speak your feel into you heart. The words then come out with such a different and beautiful vibration.

I have to admit, I don't do this every time, as most the time I forget or am too into my own self and self-absorbed. But when I do, boy is it powerful ♥

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pluto178 wrote: It has come from the Heart so went to their hearts when you say have a nice day in a monotone it simply isn't strong enough to reach the is everything x
kiwicat wrote: Its the simple things that mean so much to people.
melnotes wrote: So true brindle! its amazing what these simple acts of kindness to another create, not only a feel good vibe for the person receiving but the giver too xx Hope you have had the sweetest of days!
mindyjourney wrote: From the heart makes it SO worthwhile, dear friend <3. Is a powerful exchange of positive focus that helps create the kindness ripples...
NoOnesNME wrote: you've expressed it quite well! I too have noticed the subtle, yet profound difference!

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