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My Opal Earrings

--by mindyjourney, posted Aug 5, 2015
Left an anonymous gift of my opal earrings, a SMILE card, origami dove and an encouraging note to one of the clerks at the wild bird supply store that is closing.

Clerk was there, so I propped the addressed card on a shelf where she is sure to find :)). She had admired the earrings last time I was there, as well as my car (she helped carry my purchases).

I admit this one was tough, I really liked those earrings <3. But, at least I didn't give her the car :))). Husband may have balked at that!

Smiling inside, thinking of her finding them!

*oh, gave them a rose too <3.

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Peacehunter wrote: Awesome!
livingadelicious wrote: Brought a tear to my eye! Thank you for being so kind!
gerwar wrote: Well done you. I can imagine her delight. & the good that that alone can do,
It really is in giving that we receive.
Your thoughtful deed has already done my heart good.
Thank you
Mish wrote: Thought for sure you gave away the car!! :)))))
kiwicat wrote: Lol. I thought you were going to say you gave her your car too! Lol!
kjoyw wrote: That's truly giving, Mindy. It's easy to give something that's not your favorite or in any way extra special. It's another thing altogether to give something you really care about. (You probably made a good decision to keep the car!) And it's it too bad when a store or restaurant you love closes? I get very unsettled about that. You just have to wish them well in whatever they do next. And you did a grand job of doing that!
pyronik wrote: (((Mindy))) congratulations on being able to give the earrings away :-)
xenahugs wrote: Oh, Mindy! Pulling my heart AND making me laugh simultaneously. I love you so much. You are such a gentle, inspiring Soul with all of your kindnesses. Thank you for gifting her your earrings. Thank you. <3
brindlegirl wrote: The hardest gifts to give are often the most cherished and blessed to receive. You inspire Mindy. You inspire ♥
melnotes wrote: Wow! You are so selfless in all that you do, giving from the heart, giving with love and kindness!!!!! Love you Mindy xx

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