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Where, O Where, Did the Smile Cards Go!?

--by Brian, posted Jun 1, 2008

They went on top of my dresser.  About four weeks ago.  Some went in the console of my car.  A couple were swallowed up in my wallet which I'm quite certain still has my high school ID card.  I'm 35.

And there they stayed, all around me yet somehow completely hidden.  Which, of course, they weren't.  I just wasn't looking.  I had forgotten to look.  More truthfully, my "looking" had shifted from "how can I help?" to "what do I need?" 

I need more money.  I need gas for my car.  I need a job.  I need some clothes.  Some new running shoes.  I need fulfillment, dammit!   O, Happiness, where have you hid?   Just when I am most in need, most lost, most miserable, you go and hide, Happiness!  How dare you!  I NEED these things, material and otherwise and they will deliver unto me joy, freedom, ease and happiness for all my days.

By now you realize, as most of you reading this are like-hearted, what the cause of all my discontent and unsatisfactoriness was, dontcha?  Yes, of course.   I had stopped reaching for Smile Cards.  I had stopped seeing the world as an absurdly, gloriously, abundantly rich playground of giving and instead saw lack.   My lack.  And, thus, I was unhappy, restless, anxious.  Duh.  How silly I can be.

So the difference between this morning and now.  I found my Smile Cards. 

And there is space again.  To breathe and play and give.  And, before the chorus for Kumbaya kicks in, the needs are all still there.   But with plenty of space.  Plenty of room to kick and scream and exhaust themselves on their own without me getting to close.  And next time I feel myself wanderin' over to say hello to a Need?  To shake it's hand, ask it why it's not being fulfilled, feed that Need?  I think not.   Instead,  I'll walk over to my dresser,  grab a Smile Card and head out into space.  Chances are someone needs it.

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Readers Comments

BedBug wrote: Good warning. I'll watch out for myself shaking hands with my needs.
moonheart wrote: This is just what i needed. I began to fall into the me syndrome. Your note reminded of what is important, a giving spirit. Thank you.
meggs wrote: I love this comment!! Thanks!!(: Actually it has reminded me that I still need to be kind even when I don't feel like it.
chocolatedreams wrote: I love your comments so much I am going to print it up and place it in my journal. I have had some moving spiritual experiences last week and have determined that I need to seek out a myriad of ways to share happiness and pick others up. Ooooh and how fun it is to do it anonymously!
katrina wrote: it happens to me too all the time... here's a smiley for your story.. =)
liztree wrote: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I realized in the past couple of days that I wasn't just shaking hands with my needs, I was having dinner and Tupperware parties with them. Your story helped me break away. Oh, the space is so nice. It's so wonderful to be able to take a deep breath. Thank You.
rainflower wrote: glad you found your cards and picked yourself up. You go girl
walkin talk wrote: Wonderfully expressed! I identify totally as I have been going through the "what about me's" I have drifted away from the overwhelming gratitude and random acts of kindness that I made a commitment to, and my world grew smaller, chaotic. Thankfully, I realized I was separating myself, the ego, you know sometimes screws with me. I thank you for honesty and am happy you to are back on track. Go with God!
howgreatthour wrote: What a difference a day makes! Our needs will always be met if we continue to focus on the needs of "others". You NEED to grab a smile card card....just as much the person receiving it.
Rabbia wrote: Many smiles. :)

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