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Snail Mail Surprises

--by brighteyes, posted Jun 6, 2008

I was very busy yesterday snipping coupons, cartoons, gathering inspirations, stick-em's, jokes, good reads, music and other goodies for my snail mail treats.  Usually I send my snail mail surprises out monthly but with the holidays I haven't.

Seems many of my friends , a few widows and a few family members are really down.  I believe its a combination of life challenges, the weather and the holidays.

I want to do my part to spread cheer, goodwill and smiles to let them know I am thinking about them and sending them hugs, since I can't be there in person.   I wrote several short letters and cards then filled them with all sorts of goodies depending on the recipents and what I thought would cheer or inspire them personally.  These goodies included an inspirational book, a little mystery fun book, poetry, a spa coupon and a Birdsong DVD.

I also held each card/letter in the palm of my hands infusing it with love and good wishes for their health and improved outlook on life.  I then added fancy stamps and envelope stick-ems as well and mailed them off this morning!   :)

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Readers Comments

Susie wrote: A piece of erudition ulnkie any other!
HeatherZoe15 wrote: What you have done was so thoughtful.
I know the gift's recipient will be blessed when they received them.
God bless!
adriospina wrote: When people don't expect gift that when they mean the most, and in hard moments in life a little gift can always remember one, that theres people that care, we sometimes in life challanges , or anguish forget we are still beloved and cared for.

What a great way to cheer up anyones day !
butterfly wrote: you are so sweet, an angel. well done. your kindness is inspiring, thinking of others is the most wonderful act of kindness x
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is great Brighteyes. Thanks for finding so many great ways to show you care! The world is Blessed that you are in it doing kind things!
katlampi wrote: Oh Brighteyes, you are always so sweet! People never get anything good in the mail anymore -- it's always solicitations or bills. I am sure this brightened everyone's day! Thank you and God Bless!
sanserif wrote: How wonderful!! With the advent of email, it looks like the mail man is a thing of the past. I am amazed at your energy and love for touching other's lives. But then, when you have passion, it shows. Love you brighteyes!!
perseverance wrote: Every one in this world has a role to play.Lovely one thanks

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