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Walk My Path: Love, Respect and Compassion

--by sethi, posted Jun 9, 2008

I am a male who has been egoistic, dominating, angry, jealous, suspicious, and have had a lack of respect for myself and others around me.   I have been on an emotional roller coaster.  I participated in various transformation workshops, however it made no difference, I remained stuck in my life. As a result, I became separated from my family and reached rock bottom in my life. Having reached there, I resisted transforming myself . After some time I realized the law of  universe: what one resists, persists.  

I then thought to myself, start believing in yourself and it will make a difference in you life.  I first started loving myself and then all those around me.  I started respecting myself and then others around me.  My self worth increased. The  universe supported me and the law of attraction started working for me.

In my life I connected to people with similar energy.  One such energy was Sangeeta the domestic help. She is transparent, honest, respectful and committed. She is very poor and has a large family to support.  In addition, her husband does not hold a regular job.  In short, she is struggling in life.

On a cold winter morning when she came to work and I found her
shivering. I enquired whether she had a wollen pullover. She did not reply. I had my answer . The next day when she came to work again I gave her the money to buy a wollen pullover for herself.  The expression of gratitude in her eyes was something which will remain with me for a long time.

A few weeks ago, she was down with malaria and did not come to work. Instead, she sent her friend who did her work. The moment I became aware that Sangeeta was sick I gave her friend the money to buy medicines for her treatment.  It took Sangeeta sometime to recover from her illness. The first thing I enquired was whether she had completely recovered and did she need any more help of any kind. In a voice quivering with emotion she said Sir, you have done enough for me, I am indebted to you. 

That was the moment I realized that I am walking my path.  However there are times while walking, I still fall down, but I get up and start walking again even though I may have hurt myself in the process.

I thank you all for the love, caring, respect, and compassion which I have received from everybody on this site. It has enabled me to walk faster on my path and towards my final destination.

Love and Godbless. 

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Readers Comments

helpinghand wrote: Sethi ji, very good story. Nice to know that you have changed yourself into a kind and caring person.

God bless you.
BedBug wrote: It sounds like you are truly learning the life lessons you need to learn while on this planet. God bless you.
flowergirl wrote: i really feel touched by your story and you have helped me see a part i need to heal .I always help others when i can but battling through depression i really dont like myself and constantly talk down to myself in my mind .If i can learn to love myself how much more could i give to others , i tell my freinds to treat themselves as they would a freind but do i do it myself ? It is not selfish loving yourself is it ?
Grammagussie wrote: I am so impressed at how you took ownership of the problem and sought out a solution. That was half the battle. Keep in touch with this website and read the stories. It will help you stay focused. Great Story.Thanks for sharing
sanserif wrote: Dear sethi-

Thank you so much for your great post. It takes a big heart to help others. it takes an even bigger heart to let go off your negative emotions like ego, jealousy, anger...My salutations to you for becoming a "new" person - full of love and kindness for others. You have really inspired me look inward and make a check list of my unnecessary baggage. I especially liked the thought "What one resists, persists." Deep!
gianjot wrote: This is a beautiful story - I hope I can follow in your footsteps.
with love.
arnee wrote: Thank you for sharing. The things you did were not just simple acts of kindness. They serve as symbols of hope and love. You are an inspiration. God bless people like you. :)
apondi wrote: God will never desert his own people.You did good to Sangeeta.

God bless you
AnnMarie wrote: I believe what you have done for her has changed her life and her perception of kindness. She may not have even known it existed outside of herself had you not helped her as you did. I think it took bravery on your part and hers to even complete the exchange.
We should all be so kind as you were to her. Thank you for the memory it holds in my mind right now.
Maumauc wrote: You have started down the right path dear friend When we learn to love ourselves and then expand that love outwards to others, the ripple affect is beyond anything we can imagine. For whether we are wealthy or not, the giving is held as a precious gift by both the giver and receiver when given in compassion. I pray God will continue to bless you with knowledge and wisdom, with grace and abundance that you might share with all you meet on your journey. agape

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