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Jaw dropper!

--by lexluzietti, posted Aug 14, 2015
Tonight two friends and I were out to dinner at a sushi restaurant one town over from ours. We were enjoying each others company, laughing, and catching up from the week we hadn't seen each other.

We had finished our dinner and were waiting for the waitress to bring over our bill so we could pay. It seemed to be taking longer than normal, but we didn't mind.

All of the sudden, our waitress came over to us and handed us this smile card. She then told us a random man paid for our entire bill as a random act of kindness. We were speechless and our jaws dropped. This random act of kindness made our entire week and inspired us to go do random acts of kindness we should be doing on a weekly basis.

There are good people in the world, we just have to open our eyes to them. If you receive this card, pass on the act of kindness. You never know how big you can impact someone else's life by doing a small act, be the good in the world.
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chestercat1111 wrote: If you are kind every day it can only make you kinder and what a great way to live life!
I say "positive rocks! "
carolec wrote: A great reminder to "remember the ripples" :-)
balou wrote: Thank you for sharing this story :-) Receiving kind acts is almost as good as giving them out :-) Have fun with kindness ... it get's a life of it's own ... multiplies ... and comes back to you :-)
melnotes wrote: How lovely and so wonderful your sharing it with us here! Welcome :)
kperrine wrote: Remember to always pay it kind to someone every day, make someone's day, just make kindness happen! So glad you were on the receiving end....grateful for your story!
pluto178 wrote: Its great to hear the receivers version rather than the inspires x
terre wrote: Kindness is contagious! You've caught it from this random man and will now spread it around yourselves. Way to go!
kiwicat wrote: Oh wow! Its lovely to hear from someone on the receiving end!
Brindlegirl wrote: Who is he?! I love him and I hope he visits here regularly. What an inspiration. Look how much change he has inspired already ♥
mindyjourney wrote: How wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing your story and for paying it forward :)). Every week? Every day, my friend :))))

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